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Green chemical industry is the most effective means to contr

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    Green chemical industry emphasized through technological innovation, make the material available, will destroy the pollutants in the production process, to reduce or eliminate the pollution from the source, so that the waste will no longer produce, there is no waste disposal problem, completely change the end of treatment in the past passive pollutants is lagging behind, from the end to the production of the best way to control the whole process control changes the process of chemical pollution control. This not only environmental benefit is high, and has obvious economic benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits can be achieved simultaneous growth in the environment don't have much money and a relatively short period of time, significantly reduced pollutant, completely alleviate the contradiction between economic development and environmental protection in chemical industry, is the effective means to control chemical pollution.
Green chemistry is the essence of sustainable development the inevitable choice for sustainable development of chemical industry is the sustainable use of resources, emphasizes the coordinated development of economy and environment, to achieve the sustainable use of resources, the most effective measure is to cut costs, improve resource and conversion rate.

  The implementation of green chemical industry is an important guarantee to realize the transformation of the mode of economic growth from extensive to intensive.  Through the improvement of green chemical industry, technology and equipment, to maximize the utilization ratio of energy, environmental protection and rational use of resources, improve economic efficiency organically, is conducive to the internal potential of the chemical enterprises go way, help to improve the management level and technical level of chemical enterprises, saving energy, reduce the generation of pollutants and emissions, effectively promote the transformation of economic growth mode of the chemical industry from extensive to intensive, so as to realize the harmonious development between economy, society and environment protection.

  Green chemical engineering is a complex chemical system engineering. It will develop and perfect with the progress of science and technology and society.  Practice has proved that green chemical industry is the most effective strategy to ease the acute contradiction between economic development and environmental protection in the chemical industry, and to achieve a new level of chemical and environmental protection. It is the inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the chemical industry.

  Green chemical technology through the process, technology and equipment innovation, the production process of pollution prevention and control, to control the production of pollutants. This will be the rational use of resources, reduce material consumption, improve economic efficiency and environmental protection organically, in order to achieve the smallest possible environmental costs and minimal energy and resource consumption, obtain the greatest economic benefits.
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